What We Have Been Preparing For!

Thursday, March 23, 2023
Since the conclusion of the 2022 Fall Season, our athletes have been preparing for the Spring 2023 Baseball Season. To further develop our players, the Eastend Baseball Academy has run multiple clinics from the Triple Threat Hitting Academy, Infield Clinic, Catchers Clinic and strength and conditioning with Determined Sports Performance. Our 13 squad Winter Workouts were consistent and ran accordingly while coaches were busy all off season with private pitching, batting and catching lessons. These clinics and lessons were to get our athletes ready for this very moment - school ball!
We have so many Top Tier Aviators and Eastend Aviators playing for their respective High School, JV and Middle School teams. This is probably why they stick out on every team they are on, because they have put in the time and dedication to work on their game. We are so proud of all of them. Visit our Instagram page for a message from Coach Jason Galbraith wishing all athletes in our organization the best of luck on their school teams. We are not only training good baseball players, but we are also leading by example and showing them what leadership looks like. So go out there and show your community the type of leader you are!