Triple Threat Catcher's Clinic

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

This intensive 6-week clinic will take place on Fridays (Jan. 27 – March 3) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at our 6,000 square foot indoor facility in Medford. EEBA Coaches Hermes Abreu (St. Joseph’s College) and Jake Lacetera (Barton College) hands on instruction will educate athletes on the mindset of being a catcher, controlling the game, and understanding your pitcher and batter. This clinic will also teach proper stances, techniques, and skills to bolster the players game and confidence behind the plate. Throughout this clinic coaches will make your son not only a better catcher, but a better teammate and leader. The clinic is $225 per athlete so visit our registration page to sign up today!

“One of the most vital and important positions on the baseball field is the catcher. Without a strong backstop, a team can't push forward and succeed.” Hermes Abreu (Bay Shore 2017, St. Joseph’s College 2023)

 “Catching is the most thankless position in baseball, if not all of sports. Being able to control and communicate with the pitching staff as well as making sure strikes stay strikes, borderline pitches go our way, and controlling the run game is a huge responsibility. You must be able to produce on the offensive side of the ball. Real baseball minds don't let this skillset go unnoticed; a real catcher is not only a high value player but essentially a coach on the field.” – Jake Lacerta (Bay Shore 2018, Barton College 2022)