Baseball IQ: Can it be Taught?

Friday, May 6, 2022
The short answer to this loaded question is "Yes," Baseball IQ can be taught and our EEBA athletes are constantly taught, reminded, and instructed on this game’s complex rules. Take base-running for example. You must pay attention and never once lose concentration, However, paying attention to detail starts in pregame when the opposing team is taking infield/outfield (i/o). Watching to see throwing velocity of opposing players, especially outfielders so you can judge the best chances to advance if the ball is hit to them. During play, the pitcher is the obvious target; understanding what pitches he’s throwing in what counts, especially off-speed pitches, which could lead to balls in the dirt. In paying attention to the type of habits and patterns opposing pitchers show with runners on base, pay attention to what they do when in the stretch. Ask yourself, do they look the runner back once, twice? How long do they come to set before delivery? All these things can lead to taking an extra base and putting a player in a scoring position, which is the number one goal of the game of baseball. When on base, you must be in an athletic position when on the bases. Don’t take leads flat footed or be lazy on secondary leads. Get back to the bag aggressively to avoid potential pick-off throws from the catcher if not given the go ahead to steal. Complex concepts like this take a lifetime to learn, having astute Baseball IQ does not come naturally. This is taught by our team of professional coaches at EEBA. To learn more, come #FlyWithUs.