The Art of Infield/Outfield (i/o)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
The trade term is coined i/o and it sets the pregame standard of players looking the part before the umpire officially starts the game. It is especially important that our EEBA teams look well organized and coached and "that look" says much about the organization. Like in a Varsity High School pregame, EEBA i/o exercises are vocal, with our athletes communicating and performing with life, energy, and individual flare in front of the competition. Each coach is different, but I suggest that at the youth level, a 15-minute pregame i/o is sufficient. The outfield will get fly balls and grounders making throws to each bag with the infielders setting up their cutoffs. Infielders will then make situational plays going four, one, one and covers, turning double plays then finishing with each player going home and one followed by catcher pop ups.
 – Mike Herbst, 10u and Head Varsity Coach at Bay Shore.