15u Mark Gajowski Clocks in at 81 mph

Monday, July 11, 2022

A shout out to Determined Sports Performance athlete & Eastend Aviator Mark Gajowski (Riverhead 2024). After 11 innings on the mound so far in 2 tournaments he has struck out 22 batters. The hard throwing lefty was a staple in the rotation for Riverhead Varsity as a Sophomore this past season. Mark is a workhorse and continues to dominate on the mound with a fastball up to 82 mph. Looking forward to seeing him progress as the tourny season goes on. At the North Carolina World Series Tournament at Duke University, Gajowski was clocked at 81 mph. Fellow teammate Nick Frusco was clocked at 85 mph, Ben Voegel at 74 mph and Ryan Lysohir at 73 mph.